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Dental Implants Presentation

To provide you with a better understanding of dental implants, we have provided the following multimedia presentation. Many common questions pertaining to dental implants are discussed.

Dental Implants Presentation

For many of us, it has become second nature to check our appearance whenever we walk past a mirror or shiny reflective surface. We want to look good (which, in turn, also makes us feel good), so making certain that ties are properly tied and lipstick is applied perfectly plays a pretty essential part in keeping our confidence sky-high. Sometimes, though, after that glance at our smile, what we see is not quite what we want. Try as we might ignore them, unsightly gaps from missing teeth can make us wish for an opportunity to give our grins a second chance. Fortunately, we here at Honest Oral Surgeon know all about dental implants and how they may be exactly the solution you have been looking for to repair your self-esteem.

Why Dental Implants May Be Right for You

The functioning of the entire body begins with your mouth. Unfortunately, with tooth loss, more often than not, someone has had to give up their favorite foods because it was uncomfortable to keep eating it or caused outright pain. The more you grow to depend on the teeth that remain, the faster they degenerate and may cause them to wear out long before their time. With dental implants, the sooner they are applied, the better chance they have at preserving your remaining teeth. Unlike more traditional restorative measures, dental implants can last for a lifetime and do not slip like bridges or dentures.

A smiling elderly man

“Don’t be afraid to Smile.”

For years I’d felt like a part of my body was missing — because my teeth were. My dentist told me that dental implants would make me feel and look a lot better. OK, I said. Now, I’m thrilled. I can smile, eat anything, and enjoy a good laugh with my friends.

How Dental Implants Work

The first thing we will do when preparing your mouth for dental implants takes several x-rays. This will help to determine the structure of your jawbone for accommodation. We will then also ensure that we have a strong understanding of your physical health so we can anticipate any potential issues there may arise with your implant. If you are a smoker or have diabetes, we may want to address these concerns first, as both are known to affect the transplant success rate negatively.

The dental implant procedure often takes up to an hour for one implant, but only a few hours for multiple implants. Before surgery, we will discuss your pain management options with you. A local anesthetic will be applied to the area of the transplant, but there are other options such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and IV sedation available to you for your comfort.

When you are ready, the surgeon will make a tiny cut into the gum to expose your jaw, create a hole for the implant, and then insert it. Usually, you will be able to see the implant as it is healing, but often it is better in the first days after the procedure to have it covered by the gum. The length of time to recover varies depending on the strength of the bone.

The dental implant will be placed several months after your tooth is removed to give it plenty of recoveries. Of course, we can implant immediately after an extraction, which does add an element of risk, but also makes it so you will not have to worry about an appointment in the future for placement. If there is a problem with the bone or gum, it is not recommended to have immediate implanting. However, we are willing to work with you to allow for the ease of the transition and may prescribe antibiotics in advance to stave off any possibility of infection.

For a more permanent solution to an outstanding smile, dental implants may be the best course of treatment for you. Because your oral health is so important to us, please do not hesitate to call here at Honest Oral Surgeon at Canyon Medical Plaza Phone Number 949-453-9797 to discuss your options or to schedule a consultation appointment right away!

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