Orthognathic / Corrective Jaw Surgery and facial contouring

Before and After

***These photos have been altered to protect the identity of the patients.  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim to discuss Jaw Surgery and Facial Contouring.  Dr. Kim will connect you to previous patients to help understand the procedure from the patient’s perspective.***

This patient came to Dr. Kim for a bite correction.  However, we discussed that the patient may benefit from larger cheeks. With Dr. Kim’s advice, the patient underwent upper and lower jaw surgery to correct the bite with simultaneous cheek grafts to enlarge his cheek bone!

This patient presented with an asymmetric face as well as a severe underbite.  She underwent both upper and lower jaw surgery to correct her bite as well as her appearance.

This patient came to Dr. Kim to fix her underbite as well as her lower jaw asymmetry.  She was the niece of an orthodontic staff member.  

This patient came to us to correct her bite.  She only wanted lower jaw surgery.  Even though her lower jaw was wider than her upper jaw (usually reverse), Dr. Kim moved her lower jaw back and split the jaw in half to decrease the width of the lower jaw in one surgery.  Dr. Kim saved the patient from having unwanted upper jaw surgery.

This patient came to us due to an overbite and a weak chin.  Dr. Kim performed lower jaw advancement and chin advancement to correct his bite as well as his appearance. 

This patient came not just for jaw surgery but she had Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  She stopped breathing over 80 times every hour during sleep.  Dr. Kim moved both her jaws forward (upper 5mm and lower 18mm) to treat her sleep apnea.

This is a patient of Dr. Kim’s who had eyelid asymmetry and wanted her eyelids to be balanced.  This is the before and after.  Look how great she looks in one week! and the minimal scarring.