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Major & Minor Bone Grafting

If you are missing one or multiple teeth and searching for the best solution, it doesn’t get much better than the cosmetic benefits of a dental implant. An implant is modeled off of your real teeth to be almost impossible to tell apart while functioning the same as any other tooth. As with any oral procedure, however, it’s important to understand all the facts before committing to undergoing surgery. One example is being prepared for the possibility that an implant by itself won’t be enough to restore and strengthen your tooth.

Implants consist of two parts: A small titanium post (abutment) installed into your jaw bone, acting as an artificial tooth root, and the actual crown (false tooth) attached on the top. If your jawbone is too weak or thin to support the implant or hold it in place though, the procedure will be less likely to succeed. In the event of such a scenario, we at Honest Oral Surgeon may recommend you get a bone graft instead. Below, we will discuss bone grafts in detail to help you determine whether this may be something to discuss when you visit us for an appointment. To schedule a visit and have any questions answered, call Canyon Medical Plaza Phone Number 949-453-9797.

What Is a Bone Graft?

An alloplastic bone graft is made from synthetic materials, commonly consisting of minerals found in natural bone-like calcium phosphates (Ex- tricalcium phosphate, hydroxyapatite). These materials stimulate bone restoration via a process known as osteoconduction. A bone graft will use these to form scaffolding, which will then encourage external bone cells to generate new bone on the graft’s surface. It strengthens your jawbone enough to support an implant.

How Is a Bone Graft Applied?

Our Oral Surgeons will cover all your available choices before surgery begins, and every precaution is taken to make this process as painless as possible. Your procedure will involve either a sample of bone (taken from another part of your body) or, as is more common today, a special grafting material being attached to your jaw bone. After waiting for the graft to create a sufficient amount of new bone cells, which can take several months, it will be safer and more stable to apply your implant.

Whether or not you only need a minor graft, allowing the implant to be installed during the surgery, is up to Dr. Kim or Dr. Ota. Either way, once the graft is successful, your dental implant will have a stronger jaw to support it. As with protocol for any surgery, we’ll first need to go over your personal medical history and make sure you’re aware of any/all risks involved for your particular case. Once it is determined if you are a qualified candidate for the procedure, we can move forward to giving you a new and improved smile.

Types of Bone Grafts

  • Bone is taken from another area of your body (usually the hip). While often considered the “gold standard” due to one’s own bone making cell regeneration easier, this is not possible for every patient. One of our Oral Surgeons will help you decide the best course when discussing your case.
  • Allograft – Bone is taken from a donor (commonly a cadaver).
  • Xenograft – Bone is taken from an animal.
  • Alloplast – Synthetic (artificial) material is attached to your jawbone, to promote bone cell generation.

If you or a loved one are considering getting a dental implant but are concerned that a bone graft may be necessary, call Honest Oral Surgeon to make an appointment at Canyon Medical Plaza Phone Number 949-453-9797.

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