Tooth Extractions
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At Honest Oral Surgeon, we give our patients as much information about our procedures as possible. Though a tooth extraction can sound frightening if you have not had one before, we want to help you understand that it can leave you with better dental health than you had before. With the effective surgery and care that we offer, our dentists will ensure that your extraction is painless and without complications.

Why Would I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Whenever possible, we try to fix broken or decayed teeth with a filling or crown. But sometimes the tooth is just too damaged and beyond saving. In these instances, we recommend extracting it entirely so that nearby teeth are not threatened. Keeping it in place risks infection and damage to adjacent areas. Through a simple or surgical extraction, we can help keep your problem tooth from causing you further pain.

Other Reasons You Might Need a Tooth Extraction

  • You have extra teeth that are blocking other teeth from coming in.
  • Baby teeth are not falling out in time for adult teeth to emerge.
  • You have poorly positioned or impacted teeth that are not fully functional.
  • You are preparing to get braces and some teeth need to be extracted to make room for the teeth that are moving into place.

Which Type of Tooth Extraction Do I Need?

If your tooth can be easily seen in your mouth, we will schedule a simple extraction for you. This is where our dentist loosens the tooth with a tool called an elevator. After this, we will use an instrument called a forceps to remove the tooth. However, if your tooth has not come into the mouth or has broken off at the gum, we will recommend a surgical extraction. After a small incision into your gum, we will remove some of the bone of or near the tooth in order to safely extract it.

Preparing For Teeth Extraction

Before we move to treatment, our dentists will take an X-ray of the affected area to plan out how they will remove the tooth. You will provide your full dental and medical history along with any prescriptions that you take. This helps to fully inform us so that we can best avoid any potential complications. We can also determine from there whether you will need antibiotics in addition to the operation.

The Tooth Extraction Process

The first step in a tooth extraction is for us to numb your tooth, jawbone, and nearby gum line with a local anesthetic. You will feel a lot of pressure as the process continues because our dentist will be rocking the tooth so as to widen the socket for removal. If the tooth is fixed in place despite this activity, we will section the tooth and then extract the tooth in parts. After the procedure is done and the anesthetic wears off, you will feel more pain. This is normal and will disappear after a few days.

Tooth extraction is a simple process that can help keep the health of your other teeth in peak condition. At Honest Oral Surgeon, your dental health is paramount to us and our dentists are on hand to assist you with any information you might need about this procedure. If you are interested and believe that tooth extraction could be the right choice for you, call us today at Canyon Medical Plaza Phone Number 949-453-9797.

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